Just like all other muscles in our bodies, the brain and its connections can be strengthened through consistent practice and exercise, which is why improving aspects of your vision can improve your performance, no matter what sport you are involved in. By executing different eye exercises, esports players can improve their vision and cognitive functioning in-game. It might not be common knowledge, but there are lots of aspects of vision that can be trained. 

Eye training is used in many other professional sports to improve performance, with top-level athletes focusing on training their visual systems. This includes sports such as race car driving, basketball, hockey, baseball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, and even MMA Fighting. 

The exercises can be viewed in the below and are suitable for players of all levels. They also only require simple or no accessories and this can be easily done at home. Practiced on a regular basis, they can help improve focus and hone the individual vision skills needed for the different aspects of the eye to reach their highest playing abilities.