Our vision is made up of various aspects that are extremely important, not only for seeing, but for our cognitive abilities such as thinking and doing, too, which is linked to performance. While each is highly trainable, focusing on the path of vision is the most important thing to learn here. That is, how all of the information that we gather leads to our directed actions. 

Without the eyes there is no cognitive processing of what they’re seeing, therefore, vision needs to be the starting point of focus and care. This begins with what the athlete is able to see and how clearly they can see it. Then, how quickly the athlete is able to make a decision based on what they've seen. The third phase is getting the body to react in adequate time to ensure that action counts.

If you’re an esports athlete, this overview might be useful in helping you to recognise which aspects you are either particularly good or bad at. Being aware of these aspects is the first step in being able to improve them.