Cognitive ability refers to the core skills our brain uses to operate daily, completing everyday tasks such as reading, writing, learning, remembering, problem solving and paying attention. These core skills work together, absorbing incoming information as it moves into our knowledge bank so we can access it more easily in the future. 

Once a skill has been acquired by the brain, it doesn’t end there. It can be trained to improve these cognitive abilities, which, over time, will enhance our level of thinking and learning. For example, hardcore or pro gamers are largely able to outperform non-gamers in cognitive tasks due to their years of practice. They will have spent endless hours focusing on problem solving within video games that help improve working memory task performance, something that can be translated into real world performance. 

This explains why researchers have found increased gaming experience is linked to improved response speed and the ability to monitor and update information in working memory. Therefore, having advanced cognitive abilities is crucial in gaming, especially for esports athletes that are training for important matches.