Our bodies were built to move, so much so that the proper functioning of our circulation relies on it. Even though we might feel like relaxing while seated, it’s quite the opposite is happening internally because when we’re stationary, our muscles, nerves, arteries and veins are compressed. This limits nerve signalling, reduces blood flow and lowers the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream through our lungs. As the brain requires these things to remain alert, it can have a huge impact on concentration levels, which are likely to dip as brain activity slows.
This isn’t great news for gamers, but there’s plenty that can be done to help optimise the body for long periods of sitting. The main thing? Physical activity and exercise.
Let’s compare the body as split between that of a marathon runner and that of a sprinter. Sprinters produce great amounts of force and bursts of fast movement for short periods, while marathon runners produce a force at a lower intensity for extended periods. In esports, the latter excels.
And so, those who sit down for many hours a day should engage in training and thus strengthening the muscle groups that support the neck, upper and lower back as well as buttocks - not only for optimal general health, but to be able to achieve greater and more consistent endurance and overall performance. 

Ultimately, such exercises will enable you to play for sustained periods while also helping to relieve and prevent injuries as well as minimise your risk of illness. 

Did you know? Being physically active for less than 2.5 hours is considered an inactive lifestyle.