Professional gamers can move at seemingly impossible speeds, completing up to 800 actions per minute (APM). Even with significantly lower APM more commonly seen in the casual gaming population, this amount of activity places a huge amount of stress on the forearms, wrists and hands. If not properly taken care of, these tiny muscles and tendons can be strained, stressed, and even torn, leading to career-ending injuries.

Like the biceps and quadriceps, these muscles can be trained to not only prevent injury from occurring, but provide a noticeable performance boost. The first step is ensuring that, prior to participating in any game or match, the body is warmed up and prepared. 

Gentle movement rapidly increases blood flow to an area, improving the supply of nutrients, and physically raising the temperature, hence the phrase “warming up”. While it only takes a few minutes, this can improve reaction time, enhance muscle function, and boost mental performance, which can directly transition to better gameplay. Combined with light stretching and strengthening, warming up is the foundation of a healthy and successful gaming career.