Physical activity is paramount when it comes to keeping esports players in tip top shape as the majority today lead sedentary lifestyles. The damaging consequences of inactivity show after only 3 weeks, where significant changes will be seen in the blood circulation, the muscles, the bones and in the metabolism.  

However, regular exercise and physical activity isn’t just beneficial for general health and wellbeing, but is known to boost brain activity, which bolsters concentration levels, reaction time, memory and other capabilities important in esports; all of which will lead to better in-game performance. Furthermore, it helps prevent gaming-inflicted illnesses or injuries.
In the transformation from inactivity to being physically active lies a huge potential for enhancing your performance. Unlike what you might think, becoming more physically active is not an all or nothing transformation, nor is it about building prominent muscles. The key is to improve with every day, no matter how small the steps are, and you will experience improved skills and health.  

Knowing where you stand, can serve as a starting point to improve and track progress of your fitness. Maximum oxygen uptake, also known as VO2max, is an indicator of your aerobic fitness level and says something about how much oxygen your body is able to absorb, transport and consume. The higher VO2max the better your fitness is, meaning you can be physically active for a longer period of time and with a higher intensity - likewise your performance and endurance in front of the computer.

Disclaimer: The Step Test provides an estimate of your VO2max. Various factors may influence the results and therefore, the test reliability. These factors include your sleep, emotional state, caffeine intake, time since last meal, accuracy of measurements and more.