The actions taken before and after gaming can be just as influential on performance as actual gameplay. Cooling down after a session not only allows your body to recover from physical and mental stress, but prepares you to return the next day, faster and stronger. 

During play, the blood flow to the forearms, hands, and wrists is drastically increased to maintain a steady supply of nutrients and remove waste products from working muscles. Furthermore, the body’s fight-or-flight response is also activated, elevating heart and breathing rates. 
Once play is stopped, the goal of a cooldown is to capitalise on the increased blood flow and range of motion to continue to make gains, as well as allow the body to safely return to its resting state. An effective cooldown will reduce the stress on your body and mind, and decrease the risk of injury.  

Stretching is the cornerstone of any professional’s cooldown program, and takes advantage of increased flexibility just after exercise. This gentle movement works to clear waste products, which decreases soreness and cramping, improves range of motion, and maintains optimal muscle lengths. An effective cooldown takes only a few minutes, yet the health and performance benefits can last for years.