Motivation navigates us through life but when it comes to sports, it’s more important than being talented, or even the smartest or strongest. More often than not, a motivated person is more likely to be successful than a talented individual that’s unmotivated.

History dictates that successful people have all experienced a great deal of struggles, obstacles and failures before getting to where they are today. And it can often be the case that talented people will rely on their natural skills or dexterity to get them to a certain level and then when the hard work comes, they’ll fail to deliver or improve. On the opposite end of the spectrum, people who have always been motivated and worked hard to progress are more likely to keep evolving and compensate for the given lack of talent.

This plays into gaming, too. If a player wants to be more than a one-trick pony, they need to be motivated. This comes down to setting the right goals, for example, setting a big one for the future and small goals along the way. 

What helps goals become a reality is simply daring to talk about them. Manifesting and visualising them is fundamental because dreaming is the first step of goals-setting, while motivation is making sure you get what you want. Being prepared for challenges along the way will also help, but motivating yourself daily by using your inner speech is key: don’t let your mind give you excuses not to reach your full potential.