One of the most important devices when it comes to gaming is the monitor. Acting as a window into the world of gaming, it is key to displaying everything that’s happening within a game with the greatest fluidity and precision, while also seamlessly translating all of your actions on-screen. In this regard, the settings of the monitor are essential. Failure to pay attention to these settings can lead to fatigue and in the worst case, eye injuries and ultimately limited performance conditions.

There are many screen settings that need to be taken into consideration when buying and setting up display equipment. Ensuring they are properly adjusted for the game you intend on playing can really help improve the conditions of your ability to perform well. This includes knowing about the most important variables that affect the viewing experience and quality.

All players should be aware, however, that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to achieving the optimal screen settings regarding gaming. Since modern gaming screens have different colour accuracy, native colour temperature and max brightness, setting up your display is instead a matter of which calibration best suits your own preferences, habits and computer settings. 

These settings won’t make you a better player, but they will definitely improve your playing conditions and thus help you perform at a higher level.