About Ezone

At Ezone, we know it's more than just a game. Being a part of the esports community is a feeling. A sense of belonging. Of knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself.

We also know the industry is changing. Our sport is moving to a different place. The stakes are higher, the world is watching. Together we are ready to show them what we can achieve.

No matter what game you are playing or where you are playing it from. Whether you are competing on the big stage or playing in the home arena, we are here to support you, the esports athlete.

Ezone has been built with the purpose of supporting a new generation of esports athletes. Together with our experts we provide performance-based research and knowledge in an actionable way.

We address the gap between in-game training and your optimal performance, to help see the things that might unwittingly be holding you back.

Ezone Explained


We are more than happy to engage in conversations around performance. Do you have questions about Ezone? Think we can work together on a cool project? Perhaps it's possible to collaborate in a performance area? Do let us know by reaching out.

If you have questions about the content on Ezone, have ideas to how we can improve or a subject/topic that you'd really like to know more about? Reach out and let us see how we together can elevate performance in esports.

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Parent Company

Ezone is a part of the AceZone group.